Zoloft (Sertraline)
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Product description: Zoloft is a medicine for major depression treatment.
Active Ingredient: Sertraline
Zoloft as known as: Adjuvin, Aleval, Altisben, Altruline, Aluprex, Andep, Anilar, Antideprimal, Apresia, Aremis, Asentra, Aserin, Asertin, Bellsert, Besitran, Bicromil, Certorun, Chear, Concorz, Deprecalm, Deprefolt, Depreger, Eleva, Eleval, Emergen, Enidap, Epilyd, Fatral, Felizita, Fridep, Gerotralin, Gladem, Halea, Iglodep, Implicane, Insertec, Irradial, Jzoloft, Kinloft, Lesefer, Lomaz, Lowfin, Lupisert, Lusedan, Lusert, Lustragen, Lustral, Lustramerck, Luxeta, Mapron, Misol, Netral, Neurosedine, Nudep, Pandomil, Rodiflam, Satil, Sedoran, Selectra, Seralin, Serenata, Serimel, Serlain, Serlift, Serolux, Serta, Sertagen, Sertal, Sertiva, Sertra, Sertra-q, Sertrabian, Sertragen, Sertral, Sertralin, Sertralina, Sertralini, Sertralinum, Sertralix, Sertralon, Sertramerck, Sertran, Sertranat, Sertranex, Sertraniche, Sertrapel, Sertwin, Setaloft, Setaratio, Setra, Setrona, Sonalia, Sosser, Stimuloton, Tatig, Tialin, Tolrest, Torin, Tralin, Tralina, Tralinser, Traser, Tresleen, Xydep, Zerlin, Zetral, Zolit, Zosert, Zotral

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