Feldene (Piroxicam)
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Product description: Piroxicam is in a group of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It is used to treat pain or inflammation caused by arthritis.
Active Ingredient: Piroxicam
Feldene as known as: Anartrit, Antiflog, Apo-piroxicam, Artrigesic, Artritin, Artroxicam, Arudein, Atidem, Baxo, Benisan, Bleduran, Boues, Brexecam, Brexic, Brexicam, Brexidol, Brexine, Brexinil, Brexivel, Brionot, Brucam, Bruxicam, Cicladol, Ciclofast, Clevian, Conzila, Cycladol, Docpiroxi, Dolonex, Drafton, Erazon, Exipan, Fabudol, Facicam, Farxican, Felcam, Feldegel, Felden, Feldenedi, Feldex, Feldox, Finalgel, Flamalit, Flamexin, Flexar, Flexase, Flodeneu, Flodol, Flogene, Flogocan, Flogosine, Flogostil, Geldène, Hawksone, Homocalmefyba, Hotemin, Improntal, Infeld, Inflaced, Inflamene, Inflanan, Ipsoflog, Kifadene, Kyumate, Lampoflex, Lanareuma, Licofel, Lubor, Luboreta, Lumeleem, Macroxam, Maxipiro, Maxtol, Micar, Mobilis, Monidem, Movon, Mtefel, Nalgesic, Neogel, Oksikam, Orthocam, Osteocalmine, Painoxam, Painrelipt-d, Palpasin, Parixam, Pedifan, Pemar, Pericam, Pioparu, Pipethanen, Piram d, Piricam, Piro kd, Piroalgin, Pirobec, Pirobeta, Pirocam, Pirocaps, Pirocreat, Pirofel, Piroflam, Piroftal, Pirokiparl, Pirom, Piromax, Piromed, Pirorheum, Pirorheuma, Pirosol, Pirox, Pirox-ct, Piroxal, Piroxen, Piroxene, Piroxicalm, Piroxicamum, Piroxim, Piroxin, Piroxistad, Piroxsal, Pixicam, Pixorid, Polydene, Pricam, Pro-roxikam, Proponol, Proxalyoc, Proxican, Proxigen, Pyrocaps, Pyrodex, Remisil, Remoxicam, Reumador, Reumagil, Reumoxican, Rexicam, Rexil, Rheudene, Rheugesic, Rokso, Rosiden, Roxam, Roxazin, Roxene, Roxenil, Roxicam, Roxiden, Roxidene, Roxifen, Roxikam, Roxitan, Ruvamed, Salvacam, Sasulen topico, Scandene, Sefdene, Sinartrol, Solicam, Solocalm, Sotilen, Spirox, Stopen, Suganril, Tirovel, Toricam gel, Trixicam, Unicam, Unidene, Verand, Veries, Vitaxicam, Xycam, Zelis, Zerospasm, Zitumex, Zofora

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